Meet The Guys Behind The Scenes


Meet The Guys Behind The Scenes

While the dazzling talent of its main actors in a play a large role in ensuring the success of a production, there are tons of hardworking guys who made it all possible. Meet the different type of crew whose painstaking efforts made behind the scenes often go unacknowledged by theatergoers.


Costume Prep

costumeAs its name suggests, this type of crew member is responsible for making the actors playing their roles more believable. If your play is about Cinderella, you can count on these guys the magically produce her glass slippers.

Of course, the popularity and convenience of online shops like Lazada and Zalora have made their job a lot easier since you can get almost anything when you shop online. However, there are costumes needed in a stage that you might not find on the net. As such, the costume prep crew will have to make them from scratch.




Scenic Prep

scenicTo truly immerse a play’s audience in its story, you’ll need the perfect background to make each scene come to life. The hard work of building these magnificent backgrounds fall on the scenic prep crew. Since they basically have to build everything with their own hands, carpentry and painting skills are useful skills in this line of work.




Sound Prep

soundAs everyone knows, audio is very important in plays. Thus, the sound prep crew is tasked with collecting and sometimes even creating the music and necessary sound effects. Thus, audio editing skills via software are extremely important.






Light Prep

lightThe right lighting can work wonders in setting the mood of a scene. For this to happen, the light prep crew must work closely with the lighting designer to get the right kind of lighting effects for each scene. Since they will be tasked with installing the fixtures, the ability to climb ladders is important. Of course, fear of heights might be something they have to overcome as well.



Theatergoers would hardly acknowledge the tireless work of these crew members to create the perfect play. However, it is worth mentioning that without the painstaking effort of these guys who work behind the scenes, no player will ever be successful.

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